Release note: New version of Curium’s compliance module 

We’re excited to share the latest update for Curium’s Compliance Module. This update brings some significant changes that will make it easier for you to report incidents.

New Feature 1: Incident Reporting and CSV Export

In this release, we’ve made it simple to create detailed incident reports. Our new feature allows you to download incident information in a CSV format; this gives you more control and flexibility when doing compliance reports.

Key Highlights:

  • Choose Your Dates: Now, you can pick your incident report’s start and end dates; this means you can focus on specific periods for your analysis.
  • All the Data You Need: We’ve ensured you can get all the information about each incident; this includes incident details, timestamps, and relevant data, which is available for download in the CSV report.
  • How to Get Started: Using the New Feature: To learn how to use this new feature watch our video guide:

New Feature 2: “Who is Responsible” Field in Incidents Module

We’ve also added another helpful feature in this update. Now, you can record who caused the incident, which allows you to identify individuals or entities involved in incidents and take appropriate actions.

If you encounter any issues or have feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We hope this new feature enhances your compliance reporting capabilities and provides valuable insights into your incident data.

 Thank you for choosing Curium’s Compliance Module for your compliance needs. 

Kind regards,

Curium Team