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Our goal is to create a more level playing field in the insurance industry. We’re dedicated to assisting young, innovative companies that are disrupting the status quo. Our aim is to simplify regulatory compliance right from the start.

For a small fee, you can enjoy access to our technology and receive full training support for up to six months. Like any subscription model, you can cancel at any time.

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Get your compliance ready for the 2022 Code of Practice

Is your compliance geared up for the new Broker Code of Practice? Have you amended your AFSL obligations and management? No matter how small or large your business is, tracking and complying with all the regulatory changes and reporting requirements will mean significant investment in time and cost.  

We are here to help! Curium is your partner for all things Compliance – from managing your day-to-day AFSL requirements and reporting, to updating you on any regulatory changes and training your people. We are here to make your Compliance simple, understandable and proactive, without breaking the bank.  

Compliance has never been easier 

At Curium, we help you navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance by providing a comprehensive suite of tools. Our platform enables you to identify breaches of obligations, access pre-built templates for incidents of non-compliance, and comply with new data capture requirements for complaints. Additionally, we offer real-time risk snapshots for your entire company and can automate prevention of regulatory breaches.

Our mission is to simplify compliance for you and your teams. With our user-friendly platform, you can stay ahead of your compliance requirements with ease.

Let Curium help you take the hassle out of compliance.


10 – 99 users

$10 per user/mo for the first 6 months, then standard pricing

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100+ users

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Curium Claims

Run an efficient and customer-friendly claims process. Automate back-office and admin operations like reporting and status updates to allow your people to focus on your clients. Curium has a built-in compliance reporting showing you in real time the claims that have breached the Code or other regulations. No more spreadsheets or manual audits.


✔  Superb customer experience
✔  Identify recovery opportunity & run triage
✔  Change the questions any time
✔  Structured FNOL data

Claims Management

✔  Reduce operational costs & minimise leakage
✔  Improve customer experience through 3 min lodgement
✔  Shorten claim lifecycle
✔  Manage regulatory risk