ASFA Spotlight on insurance in super

Claims, complaints, call centres – where can we go from here?

About this event

Claims performance and complains continue to attract regulator attention. While technology can simplify and streamline many processes, do we have the right balance of human interaction and judgement? Is Chat GPT the way forward for straightforward matters? Can it develop a bank of valuable material, freeing up staff for high-touch interactions? Are funds set up to reap the advantages?

Target Audience:

Fund CEOs, trustees, chief operating officers, heads of insurance, insurance executives and managers, product managers, product designers. Also, service providers to funds such as lawyers, actuaries and fund administrators, consumer advocates and educational specialists.

Photos from our insightful session at the ASFA Spotlight on Insurance in Super event: “Claims, Complaints, Call Centres – Where Can We Go From Here?”.

At the ASFA Spotlight on Insurance conference, we introduced Natasha, our AI-powered virtual assistant! Natasha stole the spotlight as we showcased her remarkable capabilities. Currently, in the training phase for responding to customer inquiries, Natasha exemplifies the immense power of technology and its invaluable contributions to the insurance industry. Watch the video to delve into her structured data approach, which elevates customer experiences to new heights. Prepare to be captivated by the future of customer service!