About us

Curiousity, innovation, trust, delivered.

We are Curium

About us

Curiousity, innovation, trust, delivered.

We are Curium

We empower insurance SMEs  to grow at zero incremental cost

We are insurance professionals helping other insurance professionals grow

At Curium, we believe that any business operating in insurance, irrespective of its size and depth of the pocket, deserves access to scalable technology that empowers their business to serve their customers better and grow. There are thousands of SMEs forming the backbone of the the insurance industry that are underserved by legacy technology. And yet, these SMEs that provide most of the insurance services, often have to run critical operations on outdated software or spreadsheets.

While there are a number of insurtechs that innovate on products, underwriting and distribution in the value chain, there is a massive gap in high quality technology in claims and regulation. Customer frustration does not usually happen when they buy a policy, but when something goes wrong in their lives and they need immediate help. 

A claim is the moment of truth for everyone. 

This is why we built Curium – a no-code SaaS platform that runs all claims-related operations from lodgement to reporting and payment at a fraction of the cost of traditional providers. Curium allows claims providers to focus on what matters most – their customers. We take care of the rest. We lower the admin & operational cost by at least 50% while speeding up all timelines, processing claims automatically and even automating a large portion of regulatory compliance.  

We are not simply another technology company, we understand what it means to run an insurance company

Everything we do is to create an environment, where insurance businesses can focus on what they do best – service their clients. We take care of the rest:

   Deliver high quality specialized tech with pre-configured best practice per product & process

   Automate the reporting suite 

   Run most of regulatory compliance checks automatically and warn if we find any potential breaches ahead of time

   Deliver all regulatory required changes to the process, data and reporting before you even realize that they will be required 

   Provide seamless access to an ecosystem of partners (e.g. payments, phone systems etc) and eliminate the need for you to build your own tech stack or bother with integrations

Our story

Curium was born out of frustration with the lack of current options for high quality claims tech

Tetiana was looking for a smart and affordable solution for a claims technology for the startup she was working for. After speaking to more than 100 companies worldwide, she realized that none of them was both affordable and smart enough to run a lean business in insurance. Having worked in more than 20 countries for several large insurers, she realized that this might be the single most challenging problem and the most exciting opportunity. 

Meanwhile, David was an entrepreneur most of his life, building technology for different companies. He realized that a lot of people do not use the full scale of what technology can do and how much impact it can have on the entire industry and individual people’s lives. 

Together, they were inspired to put both of their talents together and shake up the way insurance technology is done today. 

They chose Curium, a highly radioactive element that shines in the dark and boils water, as a symbol of their ambition – to shake things up in insurtech. 

Tetiana George


Tetiana has spent the past 15 years working for the world largest insurance companies across 20+ countries, first as consultant for the Boston Consulting Group, and then as part of Marsh McLennan. Then she took a leap of faith and joined a young insurtech as Head of Claims & Strategy. After a great growth story of $120m in less than 2 years, she decided to start her own technology business to help startups and other SMEs in the insurance industry to achieve great results. 

David Kvas


David’s greatest passion has always been solving a really complex problem. In the past 20 years he has worked for multiple companies developing cutting edge technologies across a wide spectrum – from traditional to block chain. David has been an entrepreneur for most of his life and understands the power of scale and impact. He saw the untapped opportunity to improve the entire industry by solving a really complex problem.